Armenia's new prime minister to meet Vladimir Putin for the first time

Tanya Cunningham
May 14, 2018

According to Oxu.Az, the due statement came from Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, commenting on U.S. sanctions against the products of the Russian military-industrial complex in his interview to "Russia 24" TV channel. He also praised Russia's "balanced position" during the protests that swept Pashinyan into office. "I call on all Armenians in Sochi, businessmen, all Armenian and Russian businessmen in Russia to come to Armenia and make investments, create jobs because this is already a new Armenia where every investment will be protected", the PM noted.

"We very highly value this balanced position, which Russian Federation took during our internal political crisis - it was a very constructive position", Pashinyan said.

"We consider Armenia, which everyone knows, as over close partner and ally in the region". The leaders have not talked in person since previous year.

"When you are in the opposition which has no possibility to examine structural issues on an administrative level, that is with the current authorities, then one option you have is to raise issues to get a reaction". "I think that relations will evolve in a positive way", he said.

Nevertheless, he did reiterate his skepticism about the agreements that Armenia has gotten itself into with Russian Federation and Moscow's other partners. "This is appreciated not only by our government but also by our people", Pashinyan said. Long live freedom! Long live the Republic of Armenia!

"Because I think, there is something to discuss". Many tourists from Russian Federation come to Armenia, which is really nice. We hope to develop relations in the military-technical sphere and in other areas.

The comments were widely condemned in Armenia, and the Kremlin took pains to distance itself from them.

As a member of the opposition, Nikol Pashinyan harshly criticized Armenia's membership in this organisation prior to his election.

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