Cate Blanchett & Agnès Varda Lead Women's March At Cannes Film Festival

Tanya Cunningham
May 14, 2018

The number of women on the steps, 82, represents the women who have directed films that have been honoured up by Cannes Film Festival, compared to 1,866, the number of men who have done the same.

Salma Hayek, Jane Fonda, Marion Cotillard and Patty Jenkins were among the dozens of women who took part in the display, held at the first Cannes festival since multiple reports of abuse and harrassment shook Hollywood.

Blanchett shared the speech with Agnès Varda - one of the most celebrated French film directors in the industry who has spent decades using her platform and art to discuss feminist issues within society. Jerome Paillard Executive Director, Marche Du Film Festival, Cannes Film Market stated that Indian Pavilion is a very important tool to help connecting the worldwide European and worldwide community of films.

That's a disparate fact that was protested this week by female icons across the industry in the coastal resort town, where 82 actresses, directors, writers and producers congregated on the festival's famous steps.

Cate Blanchett led a silent protest involving 82 women on the red carpet on Sunday - to highlight sexual harassment and gender inequality in the film industry. She is the head of the jury.

"As women, we all face our own unique challenges, but we stand together on these stairs today as a symbol of our determination and commitment to progress", read part of the statement.

'We demand that our workplaces are diverse and equitable so they can best reflect the world in which we live, ' announced Cate Blanchett, calling for 'a world that allows all of us, in front and behind the camera, to thrive shoulder to shoulder with out male colleagues'. The pledge, dubbed the "Programming Pledge for Parity and Inclusion in Cinema Festivals", was signed May 14 during an Cannes event hosted by 5050×2020, the French women's group behind the red carpet protest for gender equality earlier in the festival. "We are happy that Thierry Fremaux is such a strong supporter".

Cate, who is jury president at this year's Cannes Film Festival, also enjoyed an outfit change before attending the HFPA party later the same day.

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