Italy's 5-Star, League seek more time for govt deal

Muriel Colon
May 14, 2018

The parties are due to meet President Sergio Mattarella.

The leader of the country's anti-establishment Five Star Movement says he has reached an accord with the right-wing League.

The contract, Di Maio said, will be put to an online vote by M5S members "which will be called to decide whether to let this government start with this contract or not".

"We are making significant progress on the government programme by finding broad points of convergence on issues that are important to Italians", said Di Maio after meeting Salvini in the lower house Chamber of Deputies on Friday.

Italy's populist parties agreed to a draft government plan, while leaders Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini met but didn't reveal who they're considering for the prime minister's job.

The potential coalition's chief concerns early on, though, would likely be economic to please its base, including cutting government spending and funding businesses.

An Italian political leader has dismissed worries that a populist government he is trying to form would pose a threat to Europe.

The president granted the request and, in a sign it might still take some time before a new government is installed, the League said it would hold an informal referendum of its voters on May 19 and 20 on any deal. However, no prime minister has yet been selected.

"We're not discussing names". Mattarella's office has said the head of state would work to ensure the government team is qualified for its task, doesn't jeopardize state finances, and respects Italy's global commitments. League's centre-right alliance led Five Star in the March 4 elections that resulted in a hung Parliament. They have also pledged to attempt to renegotiate European treaties.

Following a second day of negotiations with Salvini in Milan, Di Maio said the prime ministerial candidate will be "a politician and not a technician".

For the composition of the government, the League and M5S must also agree on representation from the parties.

The 5-Star Motion is Parliament's largest occasion however far in need of a majority.

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