San Francisco, Chicago About To Get Amazon Go Cashierless Stores

Muriel Colon
May 15, 2018

Amazon now has job listings for store manager positions in both San Francisco and Chicago.

Amazon Go, Amazon's cashierless convenience store, is coming to San Francisco and Chicago.

Amazon debuted its first Amazon Go location at its headquarters in Seattle in December 2016; it opened to the public in January of this year. Earlier reports from Curbed and the San Francisco Chronicle found clues that Amazon was eying retail space in the two cities.

Opening more stores is yet another sign that Amazon is serious about expanding its physical presence. If yes, then brace yourselves because two brand new Amazon Go stores are coming soon.

An Amazon spokesman later confirmed to Seattle Times that the company plans to open Amazon Go stores in both locations, but did not specify when exactly. The company had already identified potential locations in Los Angeles and Seattle.

For taking up the advantage of shopping in the Seattle store, customers need to first download the Amazon Go app and link it to a payment method. It featured what's known as "Just Walk Out" technology, which allows customers to take items off of the shelves and be charged for the items they leave the store with while bypassing any checkout procedures. Overhead cameras keep track of what a customer buys and charges them after they leave, the Tribune said. It bought grocer Whole Foods a year ago for $13.7billion, which gave it 470 stores, and has opened more than a dozen bookstores.

There are no cashiers but there are plenty of human employees restocking shelves, checking ID for wines, and working security.

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