Lenovo Z5 all-screen phone in officially teased

James Marshall
May 16, 2018

Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo is now working on a bezel-less flagship device dubbed as the Lenovo Z5.

Over the weekend, the company's VP Chang Cheng took to Weibo to share a sketch of the upcoming Lenovo Z5 (above) - and it's all screen in the front.

As CNET first noted, there's a chance the sketch isn't a final version. Cheng says this phone represents 18 patented technologies and four technological breakthroughs.

As bezels shrink, we see companies touting "all-screen" designs, with some reaching that milestone a bit better than others. The handset does this by hiding the front facing camera within the phone. The Galaxy S8 kicked things off with the "infinity display" with minimal bezel space at the top and bottom of the screen. There could also be an in-glass fingerprint reader but since the back of the phone has not been shown by Lenovo, a rear-facing fingerprint reader might also be present. Regardless of how small the notch might be it still isn't an all screen display. The bezels were also extremely thin. Whether it's just an observation made in passing or a subtle hint to the massive internal storage of Lenovo's upcoming device, many will certainly be interested in finding out if Lenovo will push it this far with the Z5.

In fact, it is claimed that the Z5 will have a 95 per cent screen-to-body ratio with nothing getting in the way, not even a larger bottom part of the bezel - usually called the "chin".

There are rumours that the smartphone will have a flip-up front camera, something we saw at MWC 2018.

Lenovo, whose $2.91 billion buy of Motorola Freedom from Google has fallen short of expectations, " has been defeated at home The technology giant is desperate to get a hit mobile which could catch the world's attention.

As for when a formal announcement and launch will take place, we now don't know. After teasing the phone's bezel-less design, Cheng has shared another promo on his social media account, stating that the bezel-less flagship will be offered with a enormous amount of storage space and that is 4TB to be exact.

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