Police Officer Saves Lives Confronting Active School Shooter in IL

Tanya Cunningham
May 18, 2018

Matthew Milby is facing three charges of aggravated discharge of a firearm, all class X felonies, for allegedly shooting inside Dixon High School on Wednesday.

Dallas' actions were markedly different than those of a Florida school resource officer who was criticized for acting too slow in a campus shooting that left 17 dead.

An earlier account said the gunfire exchange took place in the gym. He is in custody and was being treated at Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital. Dallas was not injured during the incident.

Lockdown has been lifted at the other schools in the city about 80 miles (130 kilometers) west of Chicago. The high school is located at 300 Lincoln Statue Drive in the town. Parents were allowed to pick their children up at the baseball field at Page Park.

The officer, who resigned in the aftermath of the February 14 shooting, was slammed as a coward by President Trump after video surfaced showing him outside Marjory Stoneman High School during the massacre. "We all just ran", said Dixon senior Charles Helfrich.

"We're lucky the officer was there. Because of his heroic action, countless lives were saved". Police believe the suspect acted alone and they say there's no longer a threat to the public.

"You never think it's going to happen in your town", said Kelly Shroyer, who brought service dogs to comfort students at Wednesday night's meeting. "We just thought it was firecrackers, then we saw pieces of the ceiling coming down". "Then, all of a sudden, a teacher comes in and says, 'Go go go go!' and everybody floods out of the school ..."

Julie Milby told reporters her son was recently beaten up, other students stole from him and he was kicked off the football team for smoking marijuana.

Sauk Valley Media reports Milby was convicted in April of marijuana possession and fined $120. The website was the first to name Milby as the suspect.

A 19-year-old suspect who was recently expelled from his school attempted to carry out a mass killing on Wednesday, only to be thwarted by the courageous actions of a school resource officer on scene. So this was a surprise.

"I'm glad he is alive".

Why was the school resource officer in the gymnasium?

'Preliminary investigation shows the suspect shot at the police officer, the officer returned fire, and the suspect was injured. Dixon Police Department created the resource officer position in 2000 to help prevent this type of occurrence.

A former friend of the suspected shooter, Brandon Stehl, told the media that Milby was not "evil".

"I could not be more proud of the police officer and the way he responded to the situation", Mr Howell said.

Simonton identified the school resource officer who shot the gunman as Mark Dallas, SaukValley.com reported.

Shaw said Milby has a reputation as a troublemaker.

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