PUBG Sues Epic Games Korea, Claims Copyright Violation

James Marshall
May 29, 2018

An executive producer with Bluehole told VG247 a year ago the company was concerned Epic Games - which owns Unreal Engine 4, the engine both games run on - would withhold engine upgrades to benefit its game. There's no question there's been a fierce battle between the two most popular battle royale games here in the US, with Fortnite now claiming the greater share of media attention and players, though both games have been wildly successful. It's not clear, yet, whether they'll decide to take the suit to other jurisdictions, although a success in Korea for PUBG might be bad news for Epic either way. Epic Games provides PUBG with its Unreal Engine technology, which was used to create PlayerUnknown's "Battlegrounds".

"This is not about the battle royale game mode itself", he continued.

Bluehole has been vocal about the similarities since the new mode was released in September. Analysts suggest the game generates more than $200m a month.

PUBG's popularity has been declining since the beginning of this year, while Fortnite has continued to pick up steam.

The reasons for that are complex. In each game, players have to fight to become the sole survivor after being dropped off on an island with dozens of other players. To improve performance, it will first address the way lighting effects are processed as well as the way vehicles move across different ground surfaces, both of which are causing players' GPUs to overload.

Epic Games specifically stated PUBG as inspiration for Fortnite, and even went so far as referencing PUBG in promotional videos. Epic Games didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. Corp is suing the Korean branch of Epic Games, accusing the Fortnite creator of copying elements of its popular battle royale title.

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