Trump borrows language of accusers, critics in Mueller tweet

Minnie Murray
May 30, 2018

What about family separations at the border?

The signal innovation of the Trump administration is to aim for the same goal of self-deportation by more severe and therefore more effective means.

Let's get down to brass tacks. More recently, he caused an uproar when he appeared to dismiss experts' warnings that separating children from their parents inflicts emotional and psychological damage to the kids, saying they'll "be taken care of - put into foster care or whatever".

"Having enough detention space, along with terminating the Flores Settlement Agreement, would allow us to keep family units together until they are returned home", he told reporters during the press briefing. The Democrats gave us that law.

From October to December 2017, the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement attempted to reach 7,635 unaccompanied minors and their sponsors, said Steven Wagner, acting assistant secretary for the Administration for Children and Families within HHS in April. "And that is what all of us - Democrats and Republicans - should want changed as soon as humanly possible". And now you're breaking up families because of the Democrats. "I wasn't as offended as a lot of other people, but a lot of people were tweeting about this over the weekend".

President Trump reacted to the outrage in characteristic fashion a day later, blaming Democrats (falsely) for "the disgusting law that separates children from parents once they cross the Border", and setting off even more outrage.

That is why you are seeing GOP members in Congress committing the ultimate transgression and going around their Republican leadership to force a vote on DACA that would pass with majority Democratic votes.

Some Twitter users labelled the image "offensive", amid reports that hundreds of migrant children have been removed from their parents by U.S. border agents. That policy, embraced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, would enforce criminal charges against people crossing the border illegally with few or no previous offences.

"Flores is not supposed to override a parent's choice and have their child sent to a odd facility, ' said Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU's Immigrants" Rights Project. The top two vote-getters in next Tuesday's races, regardless of party, will advance to match-ups in November, and Democrats openly acknowledge they are anxious they might become locked out of the general election in some of them.

In an interview with NPR's Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep Tuesday, former President Barack Obama's domestic policy director, Cecilia Muñoz, stated unequivocally that separating children from their parents was not a policy the Obama administration followed. Going back to the presidency of George W. Bush, this policy was created to offer noncriminal immigrants a way to earn temporary status in the US while awaiting a ruling on whether they would be granted asylum.

Many criticised the timing of the First Daughter's post.

So which laws are we talking about here?

"Trump called the practice 'horrible, ' so if he thinks it's so terrible he ought to end it and not make children pawns as a negotiating tool", said Lee Gelernt, an immigration attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, which has filed a class-action lawsuit to force the government to stop separating families at the border. But back in 2016, HHS was criticized for failing to protect unaccompanied minors from falling into the hands of human traffickers and other abusers. (Children, however, were not wrested from parents and detained alone.) ATEP also sent those men back across the border in unfamiliar and sometimes risky places, leaving them vulnerable to crime.

The decision on Flores led to the Obama administration to institute a policy of primarily releasing asylum seekers who were caught at the border with their children.

Mueller was appointed by Trump's deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, and before that was named Federal Bureau of Investigation director in 2001 by Republican President George W. Bush.

After taking a look at the policies DHS itself sees as the root of the issue of "breaking up" families, it's clear that you can't blame it on the Democrats. More children are expected to be separated from their parents as a result.

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