Mega Man 11 gets release date and trailer

James Marshall
May 31, 2018

This package comes with the game; the Amiibo figurine; a set of Mega Man stickers; an adhesive Dr. Mega Man can also use both powers at once if things are getting really hairy, and they just might with all the eight new Robot Masters coming to stand in his way. Wily with the aid of a new Double Gear system which can expand his abilities with new powers. Since Dr. Wily already has a Double Gear system our hero Mega Man requests Dr.

Sony announced new details on the latest installment of Capcom's "Mega Man" franchise, which will release on october 2. It's available to pre-order on Amazon now with a 20% Prime discount. Whether it's a new coat of paint on top of Shenmue, Square Enix totally pretending that Final Fantasy VII Remake exists or Capcom bringing back the blue bomber with Mega Man 11, old is new again.

Speed Gear - Introduces the ability to slow the flow of time, a useful tool for many situations such as navigating tricky platforming sections or avoiding fast-moving enemies or obstacles.

These are three gears Mega Man can use alongside the powers he absorbs from the new Robot Masters. Another new feature in Mega Man 11 is the addition of a weapon wheel, which allows players to equip any weapon instantly. The speedy character is protected by traps and lasers, and he joins the previously revealed "Block Man" in their fight against the Blue Bomber.

So the new Double Gear system is the highlight of this news.

The release date reveal came as part of a trailer posted on the Mega Man Twitter account Tuesday, which shows the game's new animation style, cheesy voice acting, platform jumping and boss battles.

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