Body cam video shows New Jersey cop punching woman on the beach

Minnie Murray
June 2, 2018

The young mother is led to a police auto after being handcuffed on the beach.

Weinman walks away from the officers protesting that she has done nothing wrong, and after she appears to turn and shove the cop wearing the camera, they slam her to the ground, with one officer holding her down as the other pulls her hair and hits her on the head.

Authorities say the video doesn't tell the whole story, saying the officer was assaulted first, kicked in the groin before Weinman took off running. She kicked him. I hit her a couple times. She also screams for someone named Matt, who is apparently her boyfriend. As Weinman made a phone call, the officer turned off the body cam, and the alcohol gets poured out.

A child can be heard crying in the background. As the video continues, Weinman says, "I didn't do anything to disrespect you". "I didn't do anything wrong!" On Tuesday, he defended the police, telling that Weinman was "by far the aggressor here" and that women are typically harder to subdue than men.

The Wildwood Police Department on Wednesday evening released footage captured by the body camera worn by the officer directly involved in the arrest of a 20-year-old mother on the beach over Memorial Day weekend.

Prior to the police footage being released, Twitter user Hewitt Lexy posted video of the incident on Saturday, that showed an officer using excessive force. Police say releasing the video was imperative for transparency and wasn't done sooner because juveniles and bystanders had to be redacted. The beachgoer said she woke up to the altercation and began filming. They had her take a breathalyzer which she passed, twice, with a 0.0. Her attorney says they will fight these charges.

The third video begins mid-confrontation, with Weinman being restrained on the sand by the officer. The conversation gets heated. The video ends with her appearing to push the lead officer, momentarily blacking out his camera again. This footage is similar to the initial video shared on social media. Chief Robert Regalbuto, by phone, said Weinman was confrontational, lunging at the officer and striking him in the chest.

Police officers have been reassigned to administrative duty amid an investigation into a video posted online showing an officer punching a woman on a beach in New Jersey. "But if I was on probation, maybe if I wouldn't want to give my identity up", Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. said.

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