Philly woman arrested on Wildwood beach speaks out

Minnie Murray
June 8, 2018

Prosecutors say officers involved in the violent arrest of a Philadelphia woman accused of underage drinking at a New Jersey beach over the Memorial Day weekend won't face any criminal charges.

Weinman insisted in a since-deleted Facebook post and in the video that she had not had anything to drink. "I'm not a bad person, I'm not this person that they're out here trying to make me seem like".

"Something in my gut was just telling me ... something wasn't right with the situation, and I just knew in my rights that I didn't have to give them my name due to everything that they did", she told "GMA". "One situation doesn't define me". Video shows an officer punching her in the head while trying to arrest her, while a second cop is seen reaching for handcuffs and grabbing her legs to keep her down.

Weinman, who was with her toddler daughter during the arrest, spoke of the toll the viral video, and the reaction of millions of strangers, has taken on her.

On Good Morning America, Dicht, who sext next to his client, she she was charged only with misdemeanors at first but that cops "piled on" more charges after a beachgoer's video of the incident went viral. Weinman says she cooperated with police, but after giving two breathalyzer tests which she says came back negative, the officers would not leave.

Her attorney, Stephen Dicht, jumped in when Weinman was asked why she didn't just submit to an arrest an argue it out in court later.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Sutherland said the cellphone video and body cam video showed the officers' actions did not warrant criminal charges. "One of them's getting beaten on her head, and she's the one who got charged".

Weinman also said the containers of alcohol in their possession were sealed, contradicting the allegations against her.

"The Saturday she was taken into custody, she was in custody a total of about 40 minutes", Dicht said. He hadn't told her 'I'm going to issue you a summons.' He hadn't told her any of those things. Still, the officers asked for her name, and the situation escalated when she refused to identify herself.

Amid the prosecutor's office's decision, the Internal Affairs Unit of the Wildwood Police Department will hold an administrative investigation, the office said.

Moments later, the officer's body camera showed him on top of Weinman. In statement, Sutherland said, "As County Prosecutor, I recognize that the video footage has raised a lot of questions regarding the officers' actions". "It is based upon applying the proper laws, policies and directives that govern law enforcement".

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