Walmart under fire from conservatives for 'Impeach 45' shirts slamming Trump

Muriel Colon
July 4, 2018

"What kind of message are you trying to send?"

While the 13 products, ranging in price from $11.95 to $24.90 were still searchable on Walmart's website on Tuesday morning, each individual item led consumers to a "Sorry..."

Walmart has found itself on the receiving end of a torrent of outrage after it was discovered Monday that the superstore was selling anti-Trump "Impeach 45" apparel on its website. While the Centerbrook, Connecticut-based company sells hundreds of shirts, hats, underwear and Halloween costumes via Walmart, it also runs its own website and sells similar merchandise on Amazon.

The #BoycottWalmart popped up on Twitter as users expressed distaste for the world's largest retailer seemingly promoting the impeachment of President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United states.

"These items were sold by third party sellers on our open marketplace, and were not offered directly by Walmart".

Walmart has not commented on the merchandise.

Fox News notes that Old Glory is the company that is selling the clothing with "Impeach 45" emblazoned across the front. By Tuesday afternoon the items appear to have been taken down from the Walmart site.

"We're removing these types of items pending review of our marketplace policies", the spokesperson said.

The company issued a similar statement when it came under fire previous year for selling a shirt with the words "Rope".

The shirt wasn't made by Walmart.

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