Amazon Prime Video's New Movies, Shows, And More For July 2018

Tanya Cunningham
July 19, 2018

Walmart already offers its own video service, Vudu, though it's not at a level that competes with Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu. As usual with Walmart, the company would compete on price, streaming movies and television shows for $8 per month, which is less than the amount charged by the others.

The biggest problem: Walmart would need to build a content library large enough to support subscriptions or to gain market share, and if it chooses to have ads, it would need to build an ad business as well.

Most of the titles added will be movies though, and there are a lot of them. Both Netflix and Amazon feature licensed content on their services, but all companies involved in the streaming wars are throwing piles of cash at original programming. Apple, for example, is investing nine figures into original content, and has been developing shows for almost two years.

Everyone uses some type of streaming service these days. While this is a moment we have been anticipating for a while, the change will only accelerate as more streaming services develop partnerships to ease access for the consumer. Walmart is said to be aiming for $8 per month with its service, but it could end up even cheaper. Walmart may also consider a no-cost ad-supported service, which sounds much like what Roku has with the ad-supported channels it features across its streaming devices. Total retail music sales grew by 6% in real terms between 2016 and 2017 driven by a 38% increase in online streaming service subscriptions to £577m. By contrast, obtaining free shipping is still the main reason to subscribe to Amazon Prime, although this is declining in importance, down from 71% a year ago to 51% in Q1, compared with 20% who cited original content or content not available elsewhere as a reason to sign up.

Vudu, however, is more buy-what-you-want, which seems to go against the monthly subscription models common today.

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