Some Android users report performance issues on Fortnite

James Marshall
August 16, 2018

Since the game is not hosted on a trusted site like Google Play store, there is the probability of Android users unintentionally downloading the game from a fake site, therefore baring themselves to malware. The reason for skipping the Google Play store was to keep from having to fork over profits to Google.

As a result, in a first, Google is warning users on the Play Store that the app is "not available" for download. Since most of the people are still unaware of this fact, third party developers have begun to produce fake copies of the original game.

"The "Fortnite is not available in Google Play" message is reasonable", Sweeney told CNET.

Once you know you have a compatible handset, you need to head on over to the sign up page to register.

Fortnite Android Game (Battle Royale) is freely available to play across all Cross Platforms. However, it should be noted that Epic Games already pays a cut of around the same amount to Apple for sales on iOS devices through the App Store.

What's more, even if you do download and install the APK Mirror version, you can't actually play the game while you're still on the waiting list.

Epic adds that new formats have been fun, and provide a lot of lessons, with each format changing the emphasis on how players approach the match. It was reported earlier today that Epic Games is anxious Fortnite will lose a chunk of its players in fall this year. Avoid downloading any app that claims otherwise, because it may be created to spy on you and steal your personal information. It could encourage consumer complaints from those who want to more easily (or more safely) download the game, as well as from those who don't understand there's an alternative method or are confused about how that method works.

Epic Games has taken the somewhat unusual move of distributing the mobile-version of its popular Fortnite title through its own website, potentially saving up to $50 million according to app economy analyst firm State Tower.

"One consistent challenge is the act of transitioning from a participating player to an in-game spectator, watching heavy build fights near the final circles from the Player PoV".

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