Sacha Baron Cohen's Interview with OJ Simpson: Nothing but Cringeworthy

Tanya Cunningham
August 28, 2018

On the final episode of Who Is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen set his sights on O.J. Simpson. Showtime and Cohen responded, pointing to footage of Cohen interviewing Bernie Sanders as the same character, who did not present himself as a disabled veteran.

In the clip, Cohen is dressed up as a character named Gio Monaldo, an eccentric Italian billionaire.

Cohen as "Gio", explaining who OJ Simpson is to his "girlfreind" using a stabbing motion. "I didn't know exactly what I thought was going to happen, but I was definitely panicking", she said.

After Gio's girlfriend says Simpson is handsome, he calls her gorgeous.

The interview took place in Las Vegas and the character confided in Simpson that he sometimes wants to kill his girlfriend - who was played by an actress.

"Hey", Simpson said, laughing nervously. Simpson awkwardly laughs at times and repeatedly yells, "Stop". "You're not O.J. the movie star", he said. "You kill two silly people and suddenly you're O.J. the murderer".

Speaking of which: how did you feel about Who Is America?

"We want you to be 100 percent truthful how you got away with it", Monaldo asks.

Someone who wasn't featured on the finale was former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who earlier this summer has spoken out about being tricked by Cohen. "We had been divorced and separated". Simpson immediately denied the accusation, saying, "No, I didn't kill nobody."The whole bit appeared to be filmed without Simpson's knowledge".

In July, Palin started a media storm, claiming on Facebook she had been "duped" by Baron Cohen and "fallen victim to the evil, exploitive (sic), sick "humour" " during an interview, which ultimately did not air.

"Me and you, we got something in common - we both, how you say it, lady killers", Cohen continued. Her name was listed under "Special Publicity Consultant (Inadvertent)" during the credits of Sunday's finale.

OJ Simpson, whose fame originally stemmed from his athletic career but later became notoriety after he was accused of killing his wife and her lover, was the subject of a circus-like murder trial.

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