South Korea Urges More US-North Korea Talks

Minnie Murray
August 28, 2018

South Korea will propose to North Korea the withdrawal of guard posts in certain designated areas of the Demilitarized Zone, rather than committing to reducing by an equal number of border facilities, its defense chief said Friday.

TOKYO - North Korea's main newspaper accused the United States on Sunday of staging military drills to prepare an invasion while at the same time pursuing dialogue with a smile on its face.

In June, Trump became the first American president to meet face-to-face with a North Korean leader.

Rodong Sinmun, the official mouthpiece of the Workers' Party of Korea, cited alleged US troop movements in the region which it called "extremely provocative and dangerous" and said they threatened to derail the dialogue between the United States and North Korea.

South Korea expects China to continue serving a "constructive role" in global efforts to solve the nuclear crisis and noted that Beijing continues to express commitment to fully implement sanctions against the North, the ministry said.

Passersby walk past in front of a huge TV screen reporting the summit between the USA and North Korea, in Tokyo, Japan, June 12, 2018.

Pyongyang is calling for a declaration of peace as part of security guarantees created to encourage it to abandon its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, while the Trump administration says a peace deal and other concessions will only come after more progress on denuclearization.

"The circumstances show that President Moon has a bigger role as the facilitator and a mediator unblocking the impasse between North Korea and the USA and widening the scope of mutual understanding", South Korea's presidential Blue House spokesman Kim Eui-keum told reporters Sunday.

Trump tweeted that "Pompeo looks forward to going to North Korea in the near future, most likely after our Trading relationship with China is resolved".

The Donald dramatically called off Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to the Hermit Kingdom after the official sent the letter. "I told my brother that I would have done the same thing for him if he had stayed behind in the North".

Trump and Kim made history by holding the first-ever summit between their two countries, which have been locked in conflict since the 1950-53 Korean War ended in an armistice instead of a peace treaty.

But since then there have been several reports that it is failing to dismantle nuclear facilities.

Kawasaki was 17 when she signed up for the repatriation program, which began in the 1950s and was backed by an aggressive campaign in Korean communities in Japan for people to take ships to go live in North Korea.

Moon turned aside concerns from the conservative political opposition that his government was moving too quickly in its overtures to the North. And they have been skeptical about an end-of-war declaration in the absence of any progress on the nuclear matter.

There's no single USA government assessment, so different US agencies have different takes on how aggressively North Korea is backsliding, and even over what metrics should be used to evaluate the lack of progress.

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