How to sign up for Microsoft’s "All Access" Xbox subscription

James Marshall
August 30, 2018

Microsoft has just revealed “Xbox All Access, ” a service where you can get an Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass all in one package.

In fact, Xbox All Access will only be available at your local Microsoft Store, while supplies last.

The all included service Xbox All Access is, for now, available only in the United States and lets selected users to get a new Xbox console with two different plans, all stretching down to two years of payments.

In a blog post, Microsoft notes that it is a "limited-time offer for qualified customers" that offers 0 percent April for the 24 month period with no additional upfront costs to join. But Xbox Live Gold also comes with additional perks like discounts on downloadable games, and a quartet of free games for your console every month. Additionally, a year of Xbox Live Gold will set you back $60 - so $120 for two years - while Xbox Game Pass costs $10 a month, or $240 over two years. For 24 months that would come to US$840 - less than if you bought them separately.

In the Xbox One X's case, your savings will be much less prominent.

If you compare, the all-access subscription is a pretty good deal. However, if you decide to cut your subscription before your two years is up, you'll be responsible for footing the bill on the remaining cost of the console. What we get from our customers isn't, 'I want a subscription that has thousands and thousands of games.' What we heard from them is, 'I want a subscription with 100, or a little more than 100, games. The subscription option is cheaper than the usual separate purchase of a console and both online services.

Subscribers would have a choice of an Xbox One S for roughly $22 a month, or an Xbox One X for about $35 per month.

Nearly everyone is used to paying a monthly bill to have the latest mobile handset along with the data / calls package of choosing - but would you be willing to do the same to have the latest games console? Players that already have a console would pay $20 a month for just these two services, and those that don't can own a console for just $2 more. Microsoft's storefront also notes the program is available for a limited time, likely to test the feasibility of similar contract plans in the future.

With an Xbox One X retailing at US$499, adding two twelve-month Game Pass and Live subscriptions for US$239.76 and US$119.98 respectively would cost a total of US$858.74.

What do you think about Xbox All Access?

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