Google Chrome gets major design overhaul for its 10th birthday

James Marshall
September 5, 2018

It's hard to believe that Google's Chrome web browser is already 10 years old.

The new Google Chrome update will download to your PC or Mac automatically but you can always force the update by going to Chrome's main menu Help About Google Chrome. Chrome can't actually block you from doing so. Say you're shopping for a couch online and want to see how it would look in your living room. On mobile, open Apple App store or Google Play Store to update the app.

Chrome will also handle passwords better too, as now strong passwords will be suggested for every different site, and these newly created logins will sync across your devices. Although the new tab shape will be the most notable Material Design change, pretty much everything now has a rounded shape to it, including text boxes and icons. No sign of a dark mode, outside of Incognito mode. There's also the New Tab page that can be customised to your fancy and Chrome 69 for desktop also enables PiP mode by default. Chrome's interface no longer interweaves them around each other, making each tab much easier to pick out.

You'll find deeper changes as well.

First up, Chrome has a new look.

A decade ago, people weren't as aware of database leaks, which wind up placing your user account names and passwords on the auction block on the seedier corners of the web.

The developer team has worked to improve the way Chrome fills in passwords, addresses and credit card numbers. But more than just a new look, the new design also serves a functional goal. Chrome now lets you personalize the New Tab page with your own wallpaper, and you can finally - yes, finally - add your own links to the New Tab page for quick access.

Chrome 69 is rolling out now globally. Google has upgraded the abilities of its password manager to prevent the reuse of passwords.

Here's what's in the new update which includes a refreshed design, a revamped password manager and updated autofill. Now you can complete simple search tasks right in the Omnibox without leaving your tab, such as looking up the definition of a word, translating text, or even answering simple questions with definitive answers.

While the auto-answer feature worked well when I tested it out in Chrome Canary (giving me the Yankees score from last night, and completing mathematic equations), its use of already-opened tabs didn't work during as well.

Users are also able to create and manage shortcuts to websites directly from the "new tab" page, with the "Add shortcut" feature, said Google.

That focus has become even more evident with Chrome's latest visual face-lift, which is launching to the public today as part of the browser's 10-year anniversary celebration. It introduces a "jazzy new look" across all platforms with this release.

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