Patriots Prepare to Face Tough Texans Team

Elena Summers
September 9, 2018

"Time" released on Wednesday, the 41-year-old Patriots quarterback reiterated his desire to play at least five more years.

This offseason, for the first time, Brady skipped out on reporting to Gillette Stadium in April.

The Boston Globe offers an interesting look back at the team through an oral history, and Belichick called it the most important year of his development.

In light of all that shaking out, Brady has voiced that he is learning to how to better manage those situations better moving forward to avoid any possible distractions ahead by keeping it away from being a distraction for him in any manner.

The Patriots have their share of newcomers too: 13 players are on the roster for the first time. And I don't think they really know if they're back. I'll talk to you later, " Brady said before ending the interview 6 minutes in. I don't still give a f-- that much anymore about anything. You know, I'm just focused on what I want to do and be a great football player for this team, try to be a good example in the locker room and provide great leadership. "I think it's going to be very hard to do, but I think I can do it". I think like there are things to accomplish. "This guy had beaten Alabama in the national championship game in front of 100,000 people on national television and nearly did it the year before if I'm correct".

Gronkowski is already considered one of the most dominant athletes to ever grace the tight end position, and yet he'd be the clearly less athletic player in a duo with James. I expect Wide Receiver Chris Hogan to have a big game, while he works off of the attention Gronk draws. "It's always a good challenge and so for us to open up the season against a team like that and a player like Tom, it's a great challenge right out the gate". Like life and death.

Brady says the past six months were the first time he's taken a break from what's become "cyclical monotonous" and that he and his family needed something different.

"I would love to play five more years". Last year's opener started that discussion after a surprisingly good job by Reid and with that in mind, it's hard not to wonder if Bill O'Brien's Texans might pull off another surprise in a similar fashion to how the 2017 match-up went against Houston.

The Texans defensive end has played just eight games over the past two seasons due to injury, having back surgery on a herniated disc in 2016 and then suffering a broken leg early a year ago. I don't think it's going to be easy. "I think I'm seeing there's definitely an end coming".

"Once you stop, you're done". "And I think I'm not ready to say that I'm done, 'cause I don't feel like I am".

"I really want to focus on football, not hot topics, and my reaction to a lot of hot topics and so forth", Brady added. So there we are playing in a pro-am tournament, where, as an amateur if you hit a bad shot you don't really worry about it, you play the pro's ball anyways, that's what you have him for.

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