Trump Attacks Woodward 'Fiction': 'I'll Write the Real Book'

Minnie Murray
September 10, 2018

Members of President Donald Trump's cabinet denied that they are the source of an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times that says there's a secret "resistance" in the White House plotting to derail numerous president's actions.

Woodward said, 'At that moment, there was a sense of profound alarm in the Pentagon leadership that 'My God, one tweet and we have reliable information that the North Koreans are going to read this as, "An attack is imminent".

Trump on Twitter quoted a Fox News description of the event without long-range nuclear missiles as a sign of North Korea's "commitment to denuclearize".

On Wednesday night, Trump tweeted a demand that if "the GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times must, for National Security purposes, turn him/her over to government at once!"

Nixon was a mean-spirited man who took revenge on his enemies but compared to Mr Trump, he was bold, realistic, ambitious, thoughtful in foreign policy and - it nearly chokes me to write this - a liberal progressive compared to today's Republican party.

In his book, Woodward, who shot to fame more than 40 years ago for his reporting on the Watergate political scandal, portrays Trump as prone to profane outbursts and impulsive decision-making, with top aides anxious the United States is one Trump tweet away from a national or economic security crisis.

In his book Fear, which comes out Tuesday, Woodward describes Trump behaving erratically and impulsively, even on significant issues of national security, and insulting some of his senior officials.

The incident is recounted in a new book from journalist Bob Woodward, who claims that Trump prepared a tweet claiming that the conflict with North Korea would end up boiling down to a personal conflict with Kim Jong-Un. Woodward said that he interviewed more than 100 people, including one person nine times.

"It's an absolutely outrageous statement, you're serving your country", he said, arguing that the anonymous official should resign rather than taking the "cowardly" action of writing the op-ed. Dems can't stand losing.

"There's clearly a rising Republican tide of opposition to Trump, and he will not handle that well", said Mike Murphy, a Republican consultant who opposed Trump's candidacy in 2016.

According to Woodward, Porter asked the president if the tweet might provoke Kim, to which he replied "it's leader versus leader".

Woodward's employer, the Washington Post, released audio of a conversation between Trump and Woodward in which the author insists he tried repeatedly to gain an interview and Trump claims not to have been told of the requests. "I don't know if that's in the same class of undercutting the president's agenda but it's certainly trying to reign in" the president, Flake said. I don't know how Donald Trump is going to react to this.

Fleischer said there are hundreds of people who "think they're "senior" officials".

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