Unofficial iPhone Xr video showcases Apple's most intriguing phone of 2018

James Marshall
September 12, 2018

Well, we still don't know for sure what Apple will call this particular iPhone launching today, we will have to wait till 10PM for Apple to reveal the name itself, but chances of it being either the iPhone 9 or iPhone XR are higher than the rest. Last year, Apple started selling the iPhone X in November, almost two months after its official launch. Apparently, the large, iPhone Xs Max model will also be the heaviest yet at 7.34 ounce (208 grams).

There is a glimmer of hope for Apple, though, as the case revolves around whether or not the patent in question is valid, rather than whether Apple's A-branded chips use FinFET technology. Apple launched iPad Pro to compete with the likes of Surface and Samsung Tab but hasn't been able to grab a good market share.

Apple's other products category, including HomePod, AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats speakers, headphones and accessories, had sales worth $3.74bn in the third quarter, a jump from $2.74bn a year ago.

An iPad Pro with USB-C could also be a massive step towards iPads that could realistically replace your computer, as per Apple's marketing that claims iPads can replace traditional computers like laptops.

A second phone with a 5.8-inch OLED display, likely called the iPhone Xs, would be similar to the iPhone X but with an improved processor. A new gold colour will be available alongside last year's grey and silver.

Apple could unveil as many as three new iPhone handsets this week as the technology giant looks to expand the range of smartphones it offers.

Apple also is expected to release an iPhone with minor updates to last year's Dollars 1,000 model and another version made of cheaper materials, including a 6.1-inch LCD screen, an AP report said. According to industry experts, it is likely to have aluminium edges instead of stainless steel.

If Apple doesn't announce them at its upcoming iPhone event, they will probably be unveiled at a separate event in October.

Succeeding MacBook Air, it will be a lower-cost laptop with a 13-inch display.

In 2017, Apple started selling the iPhone X in November, around two months after its launch. The drastic change in the price of dollar versus rupee should definitely affect the India pricing of newer models.

Apple Inc is expected to blast further past the $1,000 price barrier when it launches new iPhones on Wednesday, but Wall Street is most intrigued by how deep into its larger-than-ever lineup prices hikes may go.

Apple introduced the Touch Bar in 2016, debuting it on its high-end MacBook Pro laptops.

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