IOS 12 Officially Released: New Features, Compatible Devices and More

James Marshall
September 18, 2018

So this definitely has the potential to be a very important update for devices not launched in the past couple of years or so. If you're an unrepentant early adopter, like many of us here at TidBITS, the answer is, "Obviously!"

Shortcuts can be as simple or as powerful as you like. May your downloads be quick and your backups be recent.

If you own an iPhone X you'll be treated to some new Animojis - ghost, koala, tiger, and T. rex - and another animated emoji is joining the party.

So you can expect iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 to start going live at 6pm BST, 10 AM PT or 1PM ET today.

It comes with a strong focus on performance, especially in how that relates to older devices like the iPhone 6. You can check out some of the changes here and a full official changelog here.

Performance According to Apple, the latest iOS 12 brings an improved performance on older iPhone models. A portrait taken in iOS 12.

Even though the new iPhones come with batteries that will give you some extra uptime, Apple has integrated a new feature in iOS 12 that enables certain NFC functions to work even when the phone is considered out of battery.

If you frequently ignore an alert from a specific app, iOS 12 will ask you if you want to keep receiving alerts or manage the app's notification settings to limit the number of notifications you receive.

There are a lot of changes, including performance improvements, a new feature for tracking how much you use the phone, and more. You can also install it through iTunes, but we recommend the over-the-air update instead due to Apple's waning interest in iTunes. If history is any indication, the software update for iPhones and iPads should be ready to download around 10 a.m. PT, or 1 p.m. ET. Here's how to download iOS 12. The new feature is based on Workflow app which Apple acquired past year.

Memoji are personalized Animoji, basically, that you can create and customize right within the Messages app. Screen Time lets you understand and take control of the time you spend interacting with your device.

A new Apple Books app. The app won't always get a flawless measurement in every scenario. Yoga and hiking are new supported workout types.

You'll be prompted to move your iPhone around to calibrate the Measure app. It's a 340 MB update on my Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple held its annual iPhone event last week. But Apple is taking things a step further - you can now create an Animoji of yourself, kind of like Snapchat's Bitmoji. Once that's complete, head into Settings and select General Software Update before attempting the installation again. It poses a significantly trickier upgrade question. Notifications are much easier to control now as well, with the ability to easily opt out of notification or at least deliver them "quietly" so you don't get distracted easily.

Although this is but one report, his experience makes sense. New watch faces are bundled as well. Some of my Keyboard Maestro macros have stopped working, and I haven't yet been able to figure out why. It highlights what we typically do before we install an update of this size.

A third option is to go the old-fashioned route and install via iTunes.

There you have it!

Among other things, this expanded feature set includes automatic workout detection, fitness competitions, and quicker access to Siri without the need to speak the AI's wake word.

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