Sony making mini-console debut with PlayStation Classic

James Marshall
September 20, 2018

According to PlayStation.Blog, the PlayStation Classic will come pre-loaded with 20 games from the original PlayStation console.

Nearly ten years after ceasing production, the first Sony console is making a return of sorts as the PlayStation Classic according to a post on the PlayStation Blog. The original PlayStation was a turning point for the games industry, and by the time it was discontinued in 2006, it had sold more than 100 million units worldwide.

The PayStation Classic will come with two replicas of the original PS1 controller (so, no DualShock, analog sticks or vibration) so you can relive those heady days of couch co-op and trashing your friends at Tekken 3.

In terms of games, the PlayStation Classic has been confirmed as coming with "20 classic titles", however as of the time of writing only 5 of these have so far been announced by the Japanese maker.

The console comes packed with a list of hits from the system's original library.

The console itself is modeled after the look and feel of the original PlayStation, or PS1, but is 45 percent smaller.

Fans will be eagerly waiting to hear the rest of the pre-loaded games, likely hoping for titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, and Spyro, among others.

Over the last couple of years, Nintendo has had great success with its Classic Mini console launches. The USB cable appears to be for power to the console; an AC adapter is sold separately.

And unlike pretty much every piece of Nintendo hardware ever, it's super easy to pre-order at the moment. Sony went with "right after most of the U.S. has gone to bed" when revealing the PlayStation Classic last night.

It is shipping for $99.99 in the United States, while the United Kingdom version costs just under £89.99.

You can see a whole bunch more neat photos at the official site for the PlayStation Classic. "I might actually have to pick this one up", user @PHRHD wrote.

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