Google Search gets a slew of new features on its 20th anniversary

James Marshall
September 27, 2018

Now when taking a picture, the app will automatically identify all the objects inside the image: you can click on any of them and see the results.

Google Search is the company's flagship product.

Google has unveiled a host of updates to its search product, created to make visual information more useful as pictures and video become more central to the Internet experience. The original doodle team leader at Google Ryan Germick shall review all the entires along with an expert panel of judges.

Over the years Google went from being a simple search engine to a global tech titan offering searches in more than 150 languages in over 190 countries.

To put it simply, Google would not exist without Google Search.

Google continues the day's deluge of announcements.

You're probably aware of how to access your Search History on a desktop browser: CTRL+ H, typically.

Larry Page and Sergy Brin
Google overhauls search to show more pictures, videos and context

New Activity Cards will let users pick up searches where they left off, eliminating the need to retrace online steps. Type in one of the phrases below, and you'll get a jokey "did you mean" result for something more relevant to today's world. The new name recognized the renewed focus on news rather than predictive search. It will debut later this fall. Google offers something similar: its Feed, accessible by clicking on the search box within an Android phone. To keep things going in that direction, Google is introducing a bunch of new and improved search features, with a particular emphasis on visual content, as it looks to towards the next two decades of search.

Google has also announced that they're changing the Google Feed to Discover, focusing more on the discovery of content.

Certain content that appears in the Discover feed will also provide you with cards below of additional related content.

For another fun Easter egg, you can do a sort of scavenger hunt through the original Google garage using Google Street View. A little, unnamed control panel icon will push more or less content to your feed-your choice. Some users have been seeing the updated Discover UI for several weeks as Google tested it. You can follow any topic that looks interesting.

"We've been able to do this in part thanks to advancements in computer vision, which help [s] us extract concepts from images", explained Cathy Edwards, director of engineering for Google Images, in a blog post Monday.

In all, using AI to enhance the way in which Google interacts with you is nothing new. With these features, the company is aiming to help people with longer-term searches, such as trip-planning or pursuing a different hobby or line of work.

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