Anonymous Sexual Assault Claim Against Kavanaugh Sent To Cory Gardner

Minnie Murray
September 28, 2018

I denied the allegation immediately, unequivocally, and categorically.

What's not known is how pivotal senators will react to the drama that plays out before them.

Earlier in the day, she said she attended more than 10 house parties in the Washington area from 1981 to 1983 where Kavanaugh was present.

"And I don't think we can disregard that", he added.

"I am terrified. I am here because I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while Brett Kavanaugh and I were in high school", she said.

The televised hearing promises to be a must-see event that has implications for the November 6 congressional election, when Democrats have a chance to take control of the House and perhaps even the Senate. He said they expect to release additional names and evidence in "coming weeks".

Republican leaders indicated they were still determined to have the committee vote on recommending Kavanaugh on Friday - after a dramatic Thursday hearing at which both Kavanaugh and Ford, are to testify.

And he told Senate Judiciary Committee investigators that he is "looking forward" to the hearing on Thursday, according to a transcript of a call released by the committee.

He urged senators to listen to the people who know him and not those making grotesque allegations against him.

Hogan's opponent in the November election, Democrat Ben Jealous, went further, saying Kavanaugh should not be confirmed. "It will be interesting to hear what she has to say".

Each senator will get five minutes to ask questions and can hand that duty off to another senator or a staffer. Then Kavanaugh will do the same. Republicans have hired Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to ask questions on their behalf. "People want fame, they want money, they want whatever". She described gang rapes she said occurred in which boys would line up to rape incapacitated girls.

She says the attack is seared in her memory and she is "100 percent" certain that it was Kavanaugh who attacked her.

Kavanaugh responded: "I plan to, but I did not". And the truth is that I have never sexually assaulted anyone-not in high school, not in college, not ever. "It seemed like the time to say what I wanted to say".

"If the mere assertion of an allegation, a refuted allegation from 36 years ago, is enough to destroy a person's life and career, we will have abandoned the basic principles of fairness and due process that define our legal system and our country".

He said that in high school he drank beer with his friends and "sometimes I had too many". "It's happened to me many times". She described receiving death threats since her story became public; the onslaught was so severe that she, her husband and children have had to leave their home.

One of the men was interviewed on Monday with a followup interview on Tuesday.

Grassley repeated his assertion that he has no authority to force the FBI to investigate the allegations, and said "it was easy to identify all the alleged witnesses and conduct our own investigations".

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee want to subpoena Judge for his testimony.

Ford's accusation isn't the only one against Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh has also been accused of exposing himself to a classmate, Deborah Ramirez, during an alcohol-fueled Yale University party a few years later.

One take away that stands out is Dr. Ford speaking on remembering being laughed at by Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge during the attack.

"This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone", he said in a statement.

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