Georgetown Prep Classmates of Brett Kavanaugh Explain ‘Devil’s Triangle’

Minnie Murray
October 7, 2018

A key undecided Republican senator on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says the FBI appears to have conducted a "very thorough investigation" of the sexual misconduct claims against Kavanaugh.

Roche wrote of Kavanaugh, "Brett Kavanaugh stood up under oath and lied about his drinking and about the meaning of words in his yearbook".

Roche told CNN his memory of Kavanaugh is that "he was on the far edge of this - he was notably heavier in his drinking than other people".

"Not only did I know he wasn't telling the truth, I knew that he knew he wasn't telling the truth", Roche told Anderson Cooper.

Other than Ramirez, at least two other women have accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct: Christine Blasey Ford, a California professor who claims the judge sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers; and Julie Swetnick, who has accused Kavanaugh of being present during a "gang rape" in the early 1980s. Kavanaugh also said he drank in high school and that the legal age of drinking in Maryland at the time was 18, which is false.

Roche writes he does not know if Kavanaugh attacked Ford in high school or exposed himself to Ramirez in college, "But I can say that he lied under oath".

Immediately after President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh in July, hundreds of Yale law students, alumni and faculty signed a petition claiming the nomination presented an "emergency. for our safety".

The FBI's interview with Ramirez is part of a report on Kavanaugh that has not been publicly published; Senators and some aides were allowed to review it in private Thursday morning. Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., who pushed to delay the vote on Kavanaugh so the FBI could investigate, said the judge would not be confirmed if the probe revealed he had lied to senators.

Kavanaugh told the Senate Judiciary Committee he never blacked out while drinking. "We were in a room together, our beds were 10 feet apart for a couple of months". Oh said he contacted the FBI but that nobody from the bureau tried to schedule an interview with him.

"As Brett's roommate, I'm in a singular position, at least of the people who are willing to talk, to say, 'Listen, I saw him do this stuff that he said under oath that he didn't do", Roche said.

In the Slate op-ed, Roche notes he was raised in a Republican family - his mother was a Republican state representative in CT and "my father owns a MAGA hat".

In Slate, Roche wrote that the words are sexual references, adding, "I know this because I heard Brett and his friends using these terms on multiple occasions".

Kavanaugh also offered some information about Roche that was redacted from a transcript of the interview, after he was asked what reason Roche might have to lie about him. "And so it felt to me like somebody had to get up and speak for her". In his 12 years on the federal bench, Judge Kavanaugh has produced ample evidence of his judicial temperament. This is not about drinking too much or even encouraging others to drink. "I don't think it would be fair to share those in public".

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