David Davis warns Theresa May’s Brexit plan will lose Tories election

Muriel Colon
October 12, 2018

Raab declined to say when London would publish its updated plan on how to keep open the border between British Northern Ireland and European Union member Ireland, a key sticking point in the talks.

Barnier has amended the EU's "backstop" plan to try to minimise checks on goods coming into Nothern Ireland and make sure they take place away from the border.

However, if an agreement could be reached, the European Union will have 10 "parallel negotiating teams" ready to start drawing up the details straight after Brexit day, he added. Indeed, Northern Ireland's access to any new United Kingdom trade deals would also be regulated by Brussels.

But pointedly, she added: "I do feel strongly that I need to stand up for what is in the national interest".

The two parties have spoken out against borders being placed between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as well as in the Irish Sea.

Downing Street insisted that defeat on the budget would not amount to a vote of no confidence in the Government under the terms of the legislation which provides for fixed-term, five-year parliaments.

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt suggested Mrs May might have to amend her Chequers plan to get a final deal, saying that "we don't know where this is going to end up".

- Will the Government publish fresh proposals for dealing with the Irish border issue this week?

"So it is in both the Party's interest, and crucially the national interest, that we reset our negotiating strategy immediately and deliver a Brexit that meets the demands of the referendum and the interests of the British people".

She called for a "sensible" Brexit which works for both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Avramopoulos also said the bloc's no-deal contingency plans on security were driven by "goodwill", stressing the bloc would want to continue cooperating with Britain closely, including on sharing intelligence.

In parliament, her deputy Nigel Dodds rammed the point home, warning Raab not to "repeat that mistake" from December - when the DUP nearly pulled the rug out from an interim accord negotiated by May by scuppering a proposal that would have seen regulatory alignment between the European Union and the province.

The Prime Minister has come under growing pressure from Brexit-backing Tories to drop the plan agreed by the Cabinet at her country residence in July and instead seek a Canada-style free trade deal.

The former chancellor said that would reveal the "hardline Eurosceptic views" of the "Bennites" in the Labour leadership and the "right-wing nationalists" on the Tory benches were in the minority in the Commons.

"The Prime Minister understands our position and I expect her to respect that position".

Mrs Foster, whose 10 MPs play a critical role in propping up Theresa May's administration in Westminster, said she wants to see a deal struck "that works for everyone", while respecting the result of the referendum.

Mrs May told her Cabinet that Britain will not accept an European Union withdrawal deal without a "precise" political declaration setting out how its requirements on trade and security will be delivered.

Top EU officials sounded upbeat last week about chances for a withdrawal deal as soon as next week's summit.

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