Donna Brazile Slams Kanye West For Repeating 'Bad Stereotypes About Black People'

Tanya Cunningham
October 15, 2018

Watch the cold open below!

Just a few days ago, Ye had a meeting with Trump in which he both revealed his iPhone password to the world, claimed that his MAGA hat makes him feel like "superman", and implied that he'd been "misdiagnosed" with bipolar disorder. Trump, as portrayed by recurring guest star Alec Baldwin, realized in voice-over as Yeezy - a "Make America Great Again"-hatted Chris Redd - riffed on some of the president's more weird past claims". "It's in no way a publicity stunt".

With Kenan Thompson taking the role of football legend Jim Brown, and Chris Redd doing a MARVELOUS impression of Kanye West, the entire skit was on point and firing on all cylinders!

SNL's spoof of the rapper comes a week after Pete Davidson criticised West's pro-Trump rant following the first show of the season September 29, where the rapper served as musical guest.

'He doesn't listen to anybody but himself. "They're trying to control my mind and when someone tells me what to do and what I can wear and I can't wear I feel like they are touching my brain".

Baldwin as Trump is then heard in voiceover, thinking: "Oooh, this guy might be cuckoo".

"The Thirteenth Amendment is a trap door", said Redd-as-West. "He allowed me to be invited to his territory, he treated us beautifully, and he shared some thoughts, and he will be open to talking when I get back to him".

"Oh my God, he's black me!" he says. Here's what we know about Donald Trump's taste in music, his habit of listening to tracks that mention him, and his choice to make his own playlists for rallies.

As for what is bringing the two unlikely friends together, Ice-T had one simple theory - they have a lot in common. And I don't see any use in it. Trump will take advantage of you.

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