Photoshop CC is (finally) coming to iPad, says Adobe

James Marshall
October 18, 2018

Adobe reviewed its Adobe Photoshop CC and Project Gemini applications for the Apple iPad also, bringing a radical new universe of usefulness to the tablet.

"Photoshop CC on the iPad is the newest piece of the system, bringing real Photoshop to mobile devices with an approachable user experience and the power and precision needed for image compositing", says Adobe.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details on the Photoshop CC availability for the iPad next year. Instead, there have been lightweight versions like Photoshop Express, or apps that focus on specific Photoshop features, like retouching. This app is targeted towards everyday consumers who make videos without any expert knowledge on using professional video editing tools like Premiere Pro. Like a fabulous shooter once, said, get psyched!

Rather than squeeze the classic Photoshop interface onto a tablet, this iPad version is a streamlined, touch-centric experience. The company has announced that from early next year, you'll be able move between PCs running Windows or macOS and an iPad, using exactly the same PSD file. Using a feature not available in the iPad version should then be as simple as hitting save and then opening the file on the desktop, picking up where you left off.

Further, a designer will be able to make an edit on a single pixel if they want to on the iPad version of the app, which is similar to the desktop. Adobe prefers to describe it as streamlined for easily creating videos and sharing them online. Assuming it runs well, that'll address my big concern about rumors saying Apple is going to switch the Mac from Intel processors to its own chips: Getting Adobe on board with the change. Since Photoshop is among the most resource intensive programmes even for desktop computers, this synergy will be crucial in ensuring a smooth performance for the new app on the iPad.

Adobe is finally releasing a version of "real Photoshop" on iPads as part of its Creative Cloud subscription service. Both touch and pencil input are supported.

Photoshop CC will be available to customers in 2019, the San Jose, California-based company said in a statement Monday.

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