IEC Staff In Kandahar Fail To Show Up On Election Day

Minnie Murray
October 29, 2018

The IEC previously said votes not biometrically verified would be rejected.

"The suicide bomber blew himself up next to a auto of an IEC [Independent Election Commission] staff member that was parked near a police checkpoint", said an election body official.

The policeman, who was martyred, was injured in the attack and later died of his wounds.

The Afghan elections were rocked by repeated Taliban and Islamic State attacks.

"There were problems with the voter's registration lists, some (sections of the) alphabet were missing and people were disappointed and left the process without casting their votes", Rohullah a resident of Kandahar said.

Some 173 polling stations opened throughout the region, although voting was suspended in the districts of Maruf and Nesh owing to a lack of security.

Unofficial election results of the parliamentary balloting are not expected before mid-November and official results sometime in December.

The UN-backed government is rife with corruption and many Afghans have said they do not expect the elections to be fair.

A suicide bombing targeting the Afghan election commission's office in Kabul on Monday killed a police officer and wounded five people, the police said.

Hottak said the auto bomb detonated in the provincial capital of Maidan Shahr as two busloads of mechanics arrived at the gate to begin their day's work.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack. Technical glitches with a new biometric identification system introduced to stem fraud allegations instead created confusion and caused delays lasting hours, frustrating voters and challenging the credibility of the polls.

Figures by the electoral body indicate that around four million people risked voting in the parliamentary elections, which the Taliban militant group had vowed to attack.

But some polling centers had still not opened by 8am, while dozens of people lined up outside.

Independent Election Commission deputy spokesman Aziz Ibrahimi said voting was to start at 7 am.

The eastern province of Ghazni has also seen its polls delayed due to security and logistical issues.

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