Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Get Into Heated Sideline Argument

Elena Summers
November 14, 2018

"Green repeatedly called Durant "'a b--' after he was called out by the two-time NBA Finals MVP in the huddle for not passing him the ball, sources said.

While on the bench the two could be seen jawing at one another but according to multiple reports, the exchange seeped into the locker room as well. Now though, you wonder if other Warriors players will think the organization is coddling Durant because they want to retain him in free agency - they are opening a new arena next season and it would be great on the margins of suites and other luxuries to keep him around. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the situation was one of the most volatile exchanges in the Warriors' championship run.

None of the Warriors' stars on the floor had a game totally out of the ordinary, and yet, the NBA's top team still fell to a Clippers squad with a combined zero career All-Star selections.

Following Green and Durant's confrontation, the Warriors rallied together and got burned by Lou Williams' 10 points to fall by five in overtime. Meanwhile, Green was forceful in defending himself, which escalated the volume in the room, sources said. The Clippers beat the Warriors 121-116 in overtime.

Neither player addressed the media after the game, but veteran point guard Shaun Livingston downplayed the heated exchange. Obviously, Dray had the turnover, guys might have thought they were open or wanted the basketball, didn't get it. Things happen like that in sports.

The Warriors go again tonight at home against the Atlanta Hawks.

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