The 10 Best iPad Pro Accessories

James Marshall
November 21, 2018

Apple really wants consumers to see the iPad Pro as their next computer, but what do consumers - at least those who read tech news - think?

The Symmetry Series 360 just became the first OtterBox case released for the newest iPad Pro. And...the iPad Pro is no different.

iPad Pro with LTE is mobile. The Apple Pencil, by the way, is even less durable than the tablet. In the video (embedded below), Nelson starts off by testing the iPad Pro's display for scratch resistance using multiple picks conforming to Mohs hardness scale. The most common complaint is lack of a pointer or mouse support, which in some ways could be compensated for by the Apple Pencil.

Two years ago, Microsoft mocked Apple's "iPad is a computer" claim in an ad for the Surface Pro 4.

Magnets in the folio wake the iPad Pro when you open the cover, and then put it back to sleep when it's closed.

And one IT pro lists so many missing features that it appears anyone in his shoes will never swap a PC or Mac for an iPad Pro. Most folks won't have to worry about seeing the iPad bend like this, unless they're aiming to break it on objective, but perhaps its thinness is a contributing factor to potentially damaging models in the future. His latest durability test of Apple's new productivity-focused product - which per his usual process involves trying to destroy it with sharp objects, force, and fire - shows that it takes minimal pressure to render the product essentially useless.

Given the new iPad Pro's dimensions, I'm not surprised it bends somewhat easily, though I'd argue that unless you're doing something silly with the tablet, you probably won't end up with a bent device.

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