Trump scheduled to meet Putin at G20, Kremlin document says

Minnie Murray
November 30, 2018

President Donald Trump has cancelled his planned meeting with Vladimir Putin less than an hour after insisting he would hold talks with the Russian president.

The reversal came on the same day as the president's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about a proposed Trump skyscraper in Moscow.

President Trump is heading to the G-20 summit in Argentina.

"Maybe I won't have the meeting", he said. Kiev is hoping Trump will push Putin on the confrontation, which began Sunday when Russian Federation fired on Ukrainian ships trying to enter the Kerch Strait, a crucial waterway separating the Black and Azov seas.

US President Donald Trump has cancelled a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in protest at Russia's seizure of Ukrainian naval boats.

This week, I offer a special briefing in advance of Trump's participation at the G20 summit in Argentina.

Mr Trump's tweet was a sudden turnaround.

Amid escalating tensions, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has imposed martial law in select provinces for 30 days.

Russian vessels opened fire upon and seized three ships from Ukraine after they accused them of violating Moscow's territorial waters.

For years, we've seen them all parade for the cameras wearing unusual outfits and making tiresome, nearly meaningless statements in the final communique.

"There is no Trump administration, only Trump and some people pretending to constitute this administration", Freeman said.

Ukraine has also accused Russian Federation of enforcing a de facto blockade on two key Ukrainian ports in the Sea of Azov, which Russian Federation denied, saying shipping delays were due to "bad weather".

Trump on Tuesday threatened to cancel planned talks with Putin at this week's G20 summit in Buenos Aires over the incident.

Crimea hosts three battalions of the anti-aircraft missile systems with a range of up to 250 miles (400km), allowing Russian Federation to control swathes of the skies above the Black Sea.

"First of all, questions related to bilateral relations, we need to think about how to start talking on matters of bilateral relations, on matters of strategic security and disarmament and on regional conflicts", he told journalists in a regular press briefing.

Spotted leaving with the first couple were Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump along with the president's outgoing personal aide Jordan Karen.

The United States and its allies later condemned the move at the United Nations.

In a speech to politicians in Spain, where he is conducting a state visit before attending the Group of 20 leaders' summit in Argentina, he said the world is facing "instability, uncertainty and hot topics without precedents in our history".

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