Amazon Web Services launches AWS Ground Station

Spencer Underwood
December 1, 2018

AWS had already announced some new updates to its cloud machine learning (ML) services, Amazon Polly, Amazon Translate and Amazon Transcribe.

"You have to be clear how you recommend people using those services", said the AWS CEO as the company announced 13 new ML services and capabilities, including a custom AI chip. Amazon Textract uses machine learning to extract data from documents or forms.

Earlier in his keynote address, Jassy also unveiled more than a dozen new products and services that could cement AWS' place as the leader in cloud computing.

The AWS Ground Station concept is created to address the cost issues of building, operating, and maintaining in-house ground stations as well as to disrupt current contracting models that lock-in users who do not own ground stations in long-term, expensive agreements.

"AWS's extensive functionality is critical to NAB's transformation, giving us far more flexibility, empowering us to move much faster, and allowing us to rapidly scale as we expand our use of cloud technologies", said Yuri Misnik, Executive General Manager, Business Enabling Technology at National Australia Bank. Amazon's Comprehend Medical platform now has a new HIPAA-eligible machine learning technology which enables the developers to process unstructured medical text and find out about details like a diagnosis of the patient, treatments symptoms and more.

"There are still some countries in the world where there are issues around data sovereignty and data residency", he said, meaning a true hybrid option could be of keen interest to certain clients residing in geographies where AWS doesn't have a region, like Switzerland for example. Ethereum support will be launched some months from now.

It seems that the large cloud providers and the software companies that run large data centers are responding to the reality check they've received from the enterprise-class companies whose decisions are based on the overall business implications of migrating to platforms. The solution allows one entity to own the ledger, but allow other organizations to access the data on it.

AWS Lake Formation makes it easier for customers to build a secure data lake by simplifying and automating numerous complex manual steps usually required, including collecting, cleaning, and Catalogueing data. It takes inputs such as customers' or users' activity streams, inventory (there's little point recommending a product you can't supply) and demographics; builds a recommendation model that's private to the AWS customer; and provides an API for recommendation and personalisation. AWS Ground Station is a fully managed service.

According to the website, customers of Amazon Managed Blockchain include Workday, Philips, DTCC, Change Healthcare, among others. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth learns the labels for a data set in real time as they're applied by humans. This Close the Gap initiative is supported by AWS who co-hosted 30 young women of Girls in Tech, who otherwise might not be able to attend re:Invent 2018. Amazon Personalize can make recommendations, personalise search results, and segment customers for direct and personalised marketing through email or push notifications.

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