Migrants Breach the U.S. Border Fence in a Bid for Asylum

Minnie Murray
December 7, 2018

Tourists and visitors have been cancelling planned trips to the Mexican state of Baja California since the border crossing shut down briefly a week ago, and according to tour-friendly business owners, many fear getting trapped in Mexico should the crossing close again, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Sunday.

Border Patrol agents arrested the woman November 26 after she entered the country illegally near Imperial Beach, California, across the border from Tijuana, Mexico, Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday.

Strong immigration laws could protect people well beyond the borders of the United States, according to United States Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan.

A previous attempt by a larger group of migrants to jump over the border wall was met with tear gas, sending women and children running back to the Mexican side.

The new shelter is being run by federal authorities. "Eighty-five percent of those crossing illegally between ports of entry and all lured by the fact that our legal framework has huge gaps that create the opportunity to stay in the US while awaiting a court hearing even if they don't a lawful permission or protection claim", Commissioner McAleenan said according to Ms. Pavlich's report.

Thousands of migrants, mostly Hondurans, have joined caravans in recent weeks in an effort to speed across Mexico to request refuge in the United States.

The sight of them climbing the fence encouraged others, even as a helicopter patrolled overhead on the US side.

"We've got criminal organizations profiting off of vulnerable families charging 5,000 to 7,000 per person", said McAleenan.

Since being transferred to the new shelter, Tijuana's municipal authorities have refused to provide details about the migrants.

Fox News reports border patrol agents in the Yuma Sector said they detained 654 people - most reportedly being family units or unaccompanied minors from Guatemala - in just two days last month.

Meanwhile, thousands of migrants remain in Tijuana, with only a few trickling through the border, and Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum told Fox News the city can't keep supporting the migrants.

They told the migrants food and medical services would no longer be provided there. Last year, more than 26,000 illegal immigrants were arrested in addition to almost 11,000 pounds of marijuana and 3,000 pounds of cocaine that were seized.

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