RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Rebukes Uncle Mitt Romney for Criticizing President Trump

Minnie Murray
January 3, 2019

With relations warmer, Trump gave Romney's bid for the Senate his "full support and endorsement" past year. Republicans on Thursday will cede control of the House to Democrats, who were prepared to oppose Trump on a number of policies and promised a slew of investigations into his actions and those of his aides and campaign officials, particularly with regard to Russia's election meddling. Look at how virtuous I am...

Paul suggests it would be more productive for Republicans in the legislature to focus on the parts of Trump's policies he sees as positive, such as tax cuts, criminal justice reform, regulatory reform, and Supreme Court justices who are "libertarian-leaning and conservative".

Romney's rebuke of Trump drew a cutting reply from Brad Parscale, Trump's campaign manager.

"We don't normally comment on op-eds from other senators", Lee spokesman Conn Carroll said in an email. In one speech, he said there was plenty of evidence that Trump was "a con man, a fake".

The Republican National Committee blasts Mitt Romney for his criticism of Pres. Trump. He won. And I recognize that and appreciate that. "He should be happy for all Republicans", the president wrote.

The president himself also chastised Romney and advised him to "be a TEAM player" rather than an ankle-biting Jeff Flake-type.

In an essay in November, he wrote: "The media is essential to our Republic, to our freedom, to the cause of freedom overseas, and to our national security".

"That will not happen if he believes you are out to get him". "If he will do that he can be a very effective senator".

In an op-ed in The Washington Post, the newly elected Mr. Romney said Mr. Trump "has not risen to the mantle of the office". "So sad, I wish everyone had the courage (Trump) had", Parscale wrote.

He has also found time to respond to his critics - not just Romney but Stanley McChrystal, a retired four-star general, who recently told ABC News he would not work for Trump.

Politico reported that Lee and other conservative senators had lunch with Trump amid the government shutdown.

"I want results", Rounds said, "instead of hardening positions". In a June 2016 interview with Newsmax, he said he was open to backing Trump but was uncertain about where Trump stood.

'I haven't decided who I'm going to endorse in 2020.

"You can't take Trump on inside his own party". Ted Cruz, of conspiring to kill John F. Kennedy. The resolutions showed senators seeking to assert oversight of Trump administration foreign policy and the relationship with Saudi Arabia.

The former presidential candidate and incoming junior senator wrote that Trump has "not risen to the mantle" of the presidency and that the president's lack of character is his "most glaring" shortfall. But his criticism of Trump was far more muted and in February, Trump endorsed Romney.

"You know what? You should not have taken that endorsement [from Trump] if this is how you felt", he said, referring to Trump's endorsement of Romney during the 2018 election.

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