Elizabeth Warren makes key 2020 hires ahead of 1st Iowa trip

Minnie Murray
January 7, 2019

"And it needs to stop".

Former Housing Secretary Julian Castro also has formed an exploratory committee, and former US Representative John Delaney became the first Democrat to formally declare previous year and has campaigned extensively in the state.

"This is how it starts".

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was in Council Bluffs on Friday to acquaint herself with potential constituents.

The 77-year-old Vermont senator was considered a long shot when he challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 election.

Warren then promised to keep her campaign focused on the "issues".

The DNA test was supposed to put to rest the rumors that Warren had embellished her Native American ancestry or somehow used it to get ahead in her career.

Warren added, "What I can do is I can be in this fight for all of our families". She has a record of actually getting things done; the Consumer Financial Protection Board owes its existence to her.

MARTIN: So what are the voters hearing from her?

Warren's travels will continue with an event Saturday night in the state capital of Des Moines, followed by a meeting with female leaders on Sunday in the rapidly growing suburb of Ankeny. It serves as a first glimpse of what she may look like as a 2020 candidate.

In her Iowa swing, the MA senator made a rare move in kicking off the Iowa campaign in the western, rural part of the state - Council Bluffs - deep Republican territory and the congressional district of conservative firebrand Rep. Steve King.

As she started her three-day swing in Sioux City, the first question from the audience asked why she'd let President Trump, who ridicules her as "Pocahontas", dare her into taking a DNA test that indicated only marginal Native American heritage.

"My question to you: why did you undergo the DNA testing and give Donald Trump more fodder to be a bully?" the woman asked.

"I am not a person of color", the Massachusetts Democrat said. I'm not a citizen of a tribe. "Tribes - and only tribes - determine tribal citizenship, and I respect that difference".

SIOUX CITY, IOWA - JANUARY 05: Sen. Like numerous voters who came to see Warren, the Slatterys were just starting to take a look at the Democratic field and had a ways to go before making decisions about any potential candidates.

Iowa is also a place where people watching agricultural commodities such as soybeans and hogs fall under President Trump's tariffs may take a shine to Warren's trademark message of economic populism. This week, he tweeted out a fake bumper sticker mocking the senator.

Warren's staff logged the names and contact information for those interested in more information.

McLain-Meister, a senior copy editor at a global advertising firm in Des Moines, likes Senator Warren but hasn't settled on a favorite candidate yet.

Earlier this week, Massachusetts Sen.

Never mind the fact that Politico's article was written by a woman, who spoke directly to current and former Warren staffers, and addressed the idea that the comparisons to Clinton could be considered sexist.

Linda Drury, 62, of Holstein, Iowa, said she was impressed with Warren.

"[Warren's] coastal politics and unrelatability make her a non-starter for wide swaths of voters in general", she said.

The response from Warren on her heritage was prompted by an audience member during a question and answer portion following the senator's speech. Many expressed deep frustrations over Trump administration policies and described a readiness to begin hearing from what's expected to be a sprawling Democratic field. And he anticipated voters would be ready for Warren's message.

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