British lawmakers reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Muriel Colon
January 16, 2019

Hilary Benn, a Labour lawmaker and chairman of the Brexit Committee, on Tuesday withdrew an amendment he proposed past year which had been created to show a Parliamentary majority against a no-deal divorce.

"If a deal is impossible, and no one wants no deal, then who will finally have the courage to say what the only positive solution is?" he tweeted.

Inside, the government and opposition parties ordered lawmakers to cancel all other plans to be on hand for the crucial vote.

"We would now urge ruling out a no-deal immediately as the only option with majority support in Parliament", Britain's biggest carmaker, Jaguar Land Rover, said in a statement. It was only ever going to be a numbers game - how thumping would the defeat be? Amid the myriad complexities surrounding the terms of the EU-U.K. divorce, the decision has strained the U.K.'s constitutional arrangements.

May called Tuesday's vote in Parliament the most important in a generation.

Coming back to the first point, there is a serious question that must now be asked of the UK's political class. Only time will tell what will replace them - and that window of time, as British lawmakers well know, is quickly closing. May must return to Parliament within 3 days to present an alternative.

This leaves parliament - and by extension, the government - in one big mess, with few clear options.

However, after Tuesday's defeat, May said she would now reach out to other parties trying to build support for the Brexit deal sealed with the European Union in November.

The motion will be debated throughout Wednesday, with the vote to be held at 7pm.

What will happen if Theresa May loses the vote of no confidence?

Over 100 lawmakers of May's Conservative party - both Brexiteers and Remainers - overwhelmingly voted against the deal, leading to the worst parliamentary defeat for a government in recent British history.

Meanwhile, former Labour MP John Woodcock, who quit the party while suspended amid harassment allegations, did not support the no-confidence motion because Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell "are simply not fit to hold public office".

Carney said the increase was to preserve the ability of banks to lend in the midst of a crisis and to keep Britain attractive to global investors.

Mr Boles has tabled a Bill to delay Brexit by extending Article 50 by nine months if Mrs May can not get a new deal is not backed by Parliament.

He warned that a transition period is essential because a no-deal Brexit would be damaging. It gets the United Kingdom over the Brexit deadline and into a holding pattern, where the two parties then enter negotiations about what comes next.

"There is no doubt that by far the most preferred option for the European Union would be a thoroughly negotiated withdrawal deal".

The EU has been consistent since the withdrawal agreement negotiations ended that there would be no further concessions. "The thing about Theresa May is that nothing seems to phase her".

Constant commentary on Brexit has generated much ennui among the public on both sides of the divide; the 2016 referendum result was close: 51.9 per cent voted to leave the European Union and 48.1 per cent to stay in the EU.

Bank of England chief Mark Carney told a parliamentary committee that he believed sterling's relative strength reflected "some expectation that the process of resolution would be extended and that the prospect of no deal may have been diminished". He wanted to avoid voting alongside "those who are there because their strategy is actually to prevent Brexit at all", he told lawmakers.

So what has the meaningful vote taught us?

"We have been promoting it for months, a new Customs Union, a close relationship with (European) single market", a party spokesman said on social media.

It's nothing short of staggering the that so close to the deadline, the 66 million citizens of the United Kingdom, the millions more across continent and everyone else that stands to lose out if this horror show isn't resolved soon.

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