This Gymnastic Routine Is The Most Impressive Thing You'll See All Day

James Marshall
January 16, 2019

In the video, Ohashi makes three backflips, bounces playfully and then lands in a split to a mix of the Jacksons' hits - Michael's "I Want You Back", and Janet's "Rhythm Nation".

"A 10 isn't enough for this floor routine by Katelyn Ohashi", the tweet correctly expressed. "Every single thing about it including the backwards split that she does after her leap pass - it's insane", the Daily Bruin quoted Ohashi's coach as saying.

"I feel like maybe (Kondos Field) was the only one that doubted us", Ohashi said.

After tearing her Achilles and missing the entire 2018 season, McKenna Kelley is back and, if her first meet is any indication, better than ever.

She later described college gymnastics as the "reward we receive after years of abuse", adding: 'It is the time of discovery, healing, learning, growing, and having the time of our lives'.

Katelyn didn't stop there with kicks, front flips and turns, all the while with a huge grin on her face.

"This is fantastic", Harris wrote on Twitter as she offered congratulations to Ohashi and her gymnastics team.

Love Katelyn Ohashi's new floor routine? "P.s. how the heck does she do that??" another said.

This is also not the first time that she has earned viral fame with her sensational skills on floor; a year ago, Katelyn earned the same global recognition with a Michael Jackson-inspired performance that helped her to rack up multiple flawless 10s throughout the previous season. But in her Players' Tribune video, titled "I Was Broken", Ohashi details her emotional journey away from that elite gymnastics scene.

But it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows for the former Olympic hopeful. Ohashi chose to retire from elite competition four years ago, but still practices gymnastics while at the University of California (UCLA). "I was unbeatable, until I wasn't". Ohashi made gymnastics look easy from her effortless summersaults to her most gentle landings. It's not me standing on the podium with medals.

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