Ariana Grande fixes her misspelled hand tattoo

Tanya Cunningham
February 2, 2019

But Grande's fans and critics alerted her that the characters didn't mean "seven rings" in Japanese as she probably intended.

Thus, Ariana's tattoo now translates to "Japanese BBQ finger".

Ariana thanked her doctor for the painkillers and showed off her new tattoo. "Miss [you] man. I actually really liked [you]".

It seems Ariana wasn't the biggest fan of the tatt because while we might have tried to amend it, fans pointed out on social media the message still isn't right.

Ariana Grande is now sitting atop the Billboard charts with her latest number one, "7 rings".

Jen Frederick tweeted: "If she's learning Japanese, she should fire her tutor".

Riding high off the success of her most release album, Sweetener, and upcoming album, Thank U, Next (out February 8), the pop singer recently got inked to commemorate her new single, an ode to shopping with friends called "7 Rings".

Twitter users were quick to point out that while the symbols "七" and "輪" mean "seven" and "ring" respectively when standing alone, this unfortunately was not the case when the symbols were put together.

- Zac Russell (@ZacRussell93) February 1, 2019Ariana wants people to read her's top-to-bottom, left-to-right, but Japanese is NEVER arranged that way.

Grande wouldn't be the first celebrity to have mistakes in their new ink. It hurt like f**k n still looks tight.

She later took steps to have it corrected, going back to the same tattooist to fix it, which she revealed the results of on her Instagram on Thursday. Without those in between it all, it still reads "charcoal grill", Japanese media outlet Sora News 24 explained. I wouldn't have lasted one more symbol lmao (laughing my a- off).

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