Donald Trump Enters 2020 Election Cycle With Massive Fundraising

Minnie Murray
February 3, 2019

A McConnell spokesman declined to discuss the senator's private conversations.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a top McConnell confidant, said this week that he is opposed to a national emergency declaration in part because of what it might embolden a future Democratic president to do.

Pelosi has said she is open to other kinds of barriers along the border, but Trump said alternatives were unacceptable.

Trump, without citing the evidence, added that he was "already building the wall", but that he could do it a lot faster if Congress would either approve the funds or after the national emergency was declared.

"We're getting nowhere with the Democrats", Trump told reporters at the White House today.

Trump will also address foreign policy issues during his speech, including the U.S. trade war with China, the situation in Venezuela and the ending of USA involvement in conflicts overseas, the administration official said.

"President Trump proposed logical solutions", said Sen. However he would nearly certainly face immediate court challenges, with Democrats arguing that there is no real emergency on the frontier. Such a step likely would prompt a court challenge from Democrats. Republicans expect that Trump would veto the resolution, and that the House and Senate would not be likely to muster the supermajority vote needed to override his veto. "This is an opportunity for all parties to work together for the benefit of our whole lovely, wonderful nation", Trump said in remarks in the Rose Garden last Friday, announcing the end of a 35-day partial government shutdown.

A senior USA administration official said Trump will "present a path forward" on the wall impasse during the televised speech but declined to offer details.

Unlike his predecessors, who waited until after the midterms to raise money for their re-election campaign, Trump began raising money for U.S. election 2020 shortly after winning the presidency.

Without giving details, Trump tweeted Thursday: "More troops being sent to the Southern Border to stop the attempted Invasion of Illegals, through large caravans, into our Country".

Trump is pitted between the political middle and his own base, which has embraced his demand for a border wall.

Negotiations within the super committee began on Monday.

"You had quite the showdown with Speaker Pelosi", said Brennan.

But even as they have kept in touch privately, in public their strategies have diverged.

The president indicated he will address the national emergency issue during his State of the Union Address before Congress on Tuesday, saying to "listen closely to the State of the Union, I think you'll find it very exciting".

"I think some of their goals are aligned but the methods to get there might be different", said Sen.

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