Here’s How Groundhog Day Got Its Start

Tanya Cunningham
February 4, 2019

However, America's most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil has got some good news!

At day break, on February 2, Punxsutawney Phil awakens from his burrow on Gobbler's Knob (yes, really), is helped to the top of the stump and tells the President of the Inner Circle - in a language known as "groundhogese", his verdict. Early spring arrives if he does not see his shadow, causing Phil to remain above ground. What did your local Groundhog predict for the spring this season?

However, Punxsutawney Phil doesn't have the best track record when it comes to predicting the weather, he's only been right approximately 40% of the time in the last decade according to CNN.

These Pennsylvanian groundhogs enjoyed quiet lives until 1887, when a groundhog-hunting newspaper editor declared that Punxsutawney's groundhog Phil was the nation's only "true" weather-forecasting groundhog. What is Groundhog Day, and why do we celebrate it?

FEBRUARY 02:Handler AJ Dereume holds Punxsutawney Phil after he did not see his shadow predicting an early spring during the 133rd annual Groundhog Day festivities on February 2, 2019 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Since there were so many groundhogs in the area, they began to use them instead of the European hedgehogs. It is the second Groundhog Day trek to Gobbler's Knob for the family.

Crucially, in the actual Groundhog Day ceremony yesterday, Punxsutawney Phil predicted that spring will be coming soon, so bless that cute little land beaver and cross your fingers they're right.

The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club will provide updates on all of its social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (follow the hashtag #ghd2019 for coverage).

Yes, that means Bill Murray will be your dad, just like you always wanted.

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