WhatsApp for iOS enables Face ID, Touch ID for iPhone

James Marshall
February 5, 2019

If you own an iPhone X or greater, you can use Face ID to unlock WhatsApp while iPhone 8 and lower devices will make use of Touch ID. Leaking message contents to other apps is a far more serious issue that has not been well addressed.

WhatsApp has updated its iOS app to add a Screen Lock feature. This means the latest development doesn't lock your WhatsApp chats on an individual basis. It is still a feature that is exclusive to the iOS version of the app, but there are rumblings of an Android equivalent arriving sometime in the near future.

When enabled, the feature will still let you reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if the app is locked, as Facebook explains right inside the app. So you'll need actual access to the device to open the chats.

Spotted by 9to5, the feature is available to iPhone users with the WhatsApp version, 2.19.20.

WhatsApp for iOS added over the weekend the ability to lock and hide your chats instantly with your face or fingerprint. The new feature, which has been in anticipation since October previous year - when the new authentication addition was reported for the first time, works similarly to how you can lock Outlook or Signal on your iPhone. If you have them turned on then you'll be able to both see and reply to any messages without having to unlock the app. If anyone does enable the feature, they should also ensure that their notification previews have been properly set to hide sensitive content from being displayed.

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