Samsung mulls new naming arrangement for future flagship phones

James Marshall
February 24, 2019

Samsung believes it will prove critics wrong with the launch of its first commercial foldable device, which the company has touted over the years as an R&D effort since 2011, most recently last summer, and believes will create a new mobile device category.

On one edge (when unfolded) the Mate X has what Huawei calls "a post", a slightly thicker part of the device which contains numerous important parts, as well as the USB-C port, power button (with integrated fingerprint sensor) and volume rocker.

The Chinese company might be out of favor in the United States, but it has shown that it will not hesitate to put all sorts of innovative ideas in its devices and the one that it showed us now truly wow-ed us.

First, let's cover the basics. It will be if Oppo has anything to say about it. Oppo's latest patent reveals a foldable phone with no bezels and a unique pop-up camera. With the galaxy fold you get a smart phone and a tablet in one device. Also note, Huawei is bound to launch its new flagship the P30 Pro with four cameras.

Yu also criticised how other foldable phones used notches or hole-punch displays to incorporate a front-facing camera, with the Mate X's screen covering the entire device virtually interrupted.

Broadly speaking, the Mate X is an 8-inch tablet that folds in half to form a regular 6.6-inch smartphone. Since you have 6-inch plus displays on both the sides, you won't be disappointed when using the camera. It has a resolution of 2480×892. The front and back screens on the Mate X measure at 6.6 inches and 6.38 inches respectively, and will also support side-by-side viewing when unfolded. It's a smartphone that doesn't require compromising when traveling, as it's compact when you need to be productive and large when you need to relax. It's significantly bulkier than most modern smartphones, but not in a way that makes it impractical. On paper, the Mate X is more useful as a phone when you don't want to unfurl it. That means you'll be able to place the Galaxy Buds on the back of a Galaxy S10 phone and charge the buds wirelessly. And all of that comes in an elegant, razor-thin body, with the latest and most powerful processor that Huawei has on its hands and with a handsome AMOLED screen technology. You can check out the video down below to get our some more first impressions of the device from XDA TV's TK Bay, along with a clip of how the device goes from folded to unfolded. With more than 100 components involved in its design, the result is that the Mate X's hinge allows for an ultra-thin design.

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