Huawei launches foldable 5G smartphone Mate X

James Marshall
February 25, 2019

And "a bit less" than $2600 is still a ton of money for a phone, be it a foldable one.

Hot on the heels of the Galaxy Fold, Huawei has unveiled its own folding phone with 5G connectivity: the Mate X. The product is so good that it makes Samsung's Galaxy Fold look like a first-generation product. The Chinese telecom major said its foldable phone will start at a price of €2,299, much higher than the Fold's $1,980 price tag, and will be available sometime in the middle of 2019. The result is a pretty stunning looking device that offers a whole lot of display.

Like the Galaxy Fold, the Mate X features two batteries that combine to provide a capacity of 4,500mAh. "On all the benchmarks you can see the performance, the speed is the fastest for 5G in the world." said Richard Yu, head of Huawei's consumer business group.

The Mate X features an 8-inch screen and when unfolded, it measures just 5.4mm thin So what is it that makes the foldable Mate X so special compared to the competition?

In Huawei's design, the large 8-inch touchscreen is also front and rear display, wrapping around the body of the device when it's closed. ITWC had the privilege for an exclusive photoshoot of the phone behind closed doors. This is where the three camera lenses are, alongside a fingerprint-scanning power button and a USB-C port. On the back is a triple camera system which includes a 40 MP wide angle lens and an 8MP telephoto lens.

The Mate X is also fairly slim for what it is, sitting at 5.4mm thick. On these metrics, it beats out Samsung's version which Huawei had no trouble with pointing out.

The hinge itself - dubbed, the Falcon Wing design - took three years to ideal and contains more than 100 components, so it's certainly one helluva complicated fold.

It offers "an expanded view in one hand" said Yu. The phone also is ready for 5G networking. The design approach is very different to that of Samsung and Huawei.

EE has also confirmed it will be stocking the phone in the United Kingdom, but didn't specify when it would be available. At Unpacked, we showed you the Galaxy Fold.

A large display loses its meaning if it doesn't add any tangible benefits to workflow, which is why Huawei demonstrated side-by-side app operation and promised a more natural experience in Microsoft Office. Clearly Samsung and Huawei are playing PR games here to showcase innovation that's never going to fly in the mainstream market. - He is talking about how Huawei has become one of the top smartphone brands in the last few years. And after years of incremental updates to mobile handsets that is a welcome change. "We want to drive 5G to normal consumers, so more and more people can afford to buy it".

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