YouTube must clean up its act to keep advertisers on side

Muriel Colon
February 25, 2019

YouTube is facing widespread criticism, after releasing a controversial statement in response to its site-wide issue concerning pedophilic content.

Disney, and Hasbro have also responded to the allegations by suspending their campaigns with Youtube, according to reports.

YouTube took action against the offending channels in the last 48 hours.

"With regard to the actions that we've taken, even if your video is suitable for advertisers, inappropriate comments could result in your video receiving limited or no ads", Team YouTube wrote. "We also need to fight to have the developers of social media platforms held responsible when they do not assure that age restriction are followed and when they do not remove inappropriate and/or risky material when reported". This is the second time this week when anyone showcases the fault to meet a certain standard of YouTube advertising and recommended a set of rules to be followed.

BuzzFeed also found that the Up Next panel for genuine health videos about vaccines contained vaccination conspiracy theory videos.

Other remarks praise the children, jump to points in the video that picture children's legs or buttocks, ask whether they're wearing underwear, or simply insert strings of sexually suggestive emojis. The video hosting giant also stated that any content that endangers the minors is non-acceptable on their platform and the company continues to improve its efficiencies to eliminate such abuse more quickly in the future. One of her videos titled Miranda Sings Gymnastics Lesson! w/ Parker received over 3 million views and combining the views revealed by Jessica, the channel received over 4 million views with just six videos equating to an estimated $4,500 in revenue. And be aware of what videos your own kids are posting of themselves. Perhaps even more alarming, once a user arrives at one such video, YouTube's algorithm seems to suggest only similarly "suggestive" content, usually featuring young girls.

Given the size and reach of YouTube, the question that inevitably arises when it comes to the long-running saga of trying to find and filter inappropriate content on YouTube is, "Can this ever be fixed?"

Social media companies, including Facebook and YouTube, have recently been facing pressure to get better at this, following inquiries from media and calls from lawmakers.

Other sites that have pulled the plug include Vice, Popular Science, Recode, Mic, The Week, Reuters, The Verge, and USA Today. The information can be posted in the comment sections for videos featuring minors, and can include time stamps that show the child exposing their bare legs or back.

On another front, YouTube past year began displaying links to Wikipedia articles on conspiracy videos.

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