First shots fired in the folding phone wars of 2019

James Marshall
February 26, 2019

When folded the Mate X is a 6.6-inch screen smartphone and unfolded the screen-size is 8-inch.

The world's largest handset maker Samsung was the first to announce a 5G mobile phone - a variant of its flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone - last week, but did not reveal the pricing or availability. Anyway, assuming this detail is accurate, the Note 10 will not be the first Samsung phone with a quad camera, as this honor belongs to the Galaxy S10 5G (pictured above).

Huawei said its 5G-capable Mate X will start at €2,299.

Chinese handset makers trotted out their latest smartphones built for faster 5G networks at the biggest trade show for mobile technology, amid tensions between the United States and China over the use of Chinese firm Huawei's equipment to build such networks. The comparisons between Samsung and Huawei phones do not cease there. The reason for this is speculated to be that the next Note could come in both 4G LTE and 5G flavors, given that 5G is not yet widely available. Followers queued exterior the venue hours earlier than the kickoff and those that could not get in watched the occasion exterior on a giant display screen. The design is at first glance smarter than Samsung's Galaxy Fold. At occasions, they burst into excited applause.

They said the success of foldable smartphones depends on whether device manufacturers can give consumers an answer to the question, "Why does a phone have to fold?"

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There's also the fact that Samsung says the Fold is tested for 200,000 folds, or 100 folds a day for five years, while Huawei is just rating it for 100,000 folds. Huawei keeps the release date still very vague.

And that bookish form factor makes more sense than Huawei's futuristic design.

Not as many crypto wallets support these types of assets, but it seems probable that Samsung would like a wallet that supports ERC-1155 tokens because they had previously stated that their phone will rely on decentralized technology to include in-game ownership, among other things.

Huawei strongly denies the claims and is trying hard to persuade the world to use its 5G technology and not cave to pressure from Washington.

Guo also said that Huawei must abide by Chinese law and the company "will never, and dare not, and can not violate any regulations", in any country where it operates.

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