Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for Congressional staff raises, pays staffers $52K

Michele Stevens
February 27, 2019

The Democrats" highly-touted "Green New Deal' hit a major snag this week, with economists now predicting the plan could cost as much as $93 trillion over a ten year period. "I don't respond to that", she continued.

The hosts of "Fox & Friends", President Donald Trump's favorite morning show, have accused Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) of advocating for "civilizational suicide". Feinstein says that due to the woman's age "you didn't vote for me".

The 85-year-old senior California senator just won reelection against a more progressive challenger in the general election last November and is now the oldest senator in office.

She explained that the Green New Deal legislation that was rolled out in the House didn't have a chance of passing in the Republican-controlled Senate and told the group her bill was more moderate in hopes of attracting some support from conservatives. 'So, as an American, families sitting down and thinking about their financial situation relative to a month ago or a year ago, America is doing very well and it stands in quite sharp contrast to the rest of the world.

"You know better than I do, so I think one day you should run for the Senate and, then, you do it your way", Feinstein said.

In the 15-minute version of the video, the children tell Feinstein that they've come to her to express their support for the Green New Deal.

Thus, she said, "we need a universal sense of urgency, and people are trying to, like, introduce watered-down proposals that are frankly going to kill us".

Ocasio-Cortez also dismissed detractors of her Green New Deal on Friday, saying at an event in New York City to any critic who has yet to offer their own bold environmental ideas: "Until you do it, I'm the boss".

"This is a fight for our generation's survival".

Fact check: As Newsweek points out, "Ocasio-Cortez didn't say that young people do not want to procreate, nor did she say that future generations should not have children at all". Some agreed with the Sunrise Movement's claim that was short and dismissive of the students.

"We're the people who voted for you, you're supposed to listen to us", a teen activist said.

'I was initially furious and ready to jump all over DiFi based on the edited video, and felt duped when I saw the longer one...' This made her one of the few congressional representatives to pay interns, according to USA Today. "People want to work for what they get", failing to mention that the only reason she has been granted the privilege and access to government jets is because of her father. "I have been and remain committed to doing everything I can to enact real, meaningful climate change legislation".

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