SanDisk's new 1TB microSD card will cost over $500

James Marshall
February 27, 2019

On the other hand, Micron's 1TB microSD card offers read speed of 100MB per second and write speed of 95MB per second.

Both cards meet the speed requirements for the A2 standard, meaning they're suitable for running applications. It's rated at U3 and A2 speeds, which means you're good for up to 160MB/s read speeds and 90MB/s write speeds.

MicroSD cards are about to get a lot bigger. We may not see SD Express-enabled cards or devices this year, but the SD Association is working closely with PCI-SIG (the organization behind the PCIe standard) to bring the new protocol to market soon.

The card we're talking about right now is the SanDisk 400GB Extreme microSD card. The company has announced a new 1TB microSDXC card that it claims is the fastest UHS-I card in the world. The maximum write speed of the Micron microSD card is 95 MB/s.

If you are among the folks who lament the lack of microSD cards with 1TB of storage capacity, now is the time to rejoice. Despite being smaller than most people's fingernail, today's microSD cards can hold just shy of 500 GB of data and can transfer data fast enough to easily record high-definition, high-framerate video. The cards reach these record-breaking speeds by leveraging Western Digital's proprietary flash technology. In particular, Micron says that its 96-layers 3D QLC memory can bear 1500 program/erase cycles (with a particular controller), which should be plenty sufficient for most consumer workloads.

Both will be available in April, but aren't cheap. There are a ton of possibilities with this amount of storage in your smartphone, but if you aren't a heavy multimedia customer, you will probably pass it for the next few years, especially with the premium price tag.

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