WIAA complaint filed after high school basketball incident involving Mike McCarthy

Elena Summers
March 1, 2019

A video obtained by the station shows McCarthy, 55, following referees to their locker room after Pulaski pulled off the victory.

Pulaski's athletic director told FOX 11 that McCarthy used "unsportsmanlike language" during the heated and "unacceptable" exchange.

There is no audio, but you can see a Pulaski staff member escorting the referees out of the gym, with a man following behind. One ref points a finger at McCarthy, who then walks away. It was also reported that McCarthy has been to plenty of his stepson's games this season and this hasn't really been an issue until now.

Mike McCarthy has gone from National Football League head coach to full-on sports parent in a matter of months. After the game, McCarthy apparently had a "verbal tirade" directed toward game officials.

As Batten told Fox 11, she had never seen that type of behaviour at a district game.

The statement continues by saying that an "Abuse of Contest Official" report has been filed with WIAA which come directly from the officials involved in the incident.

"We have been contacted by the WIAA regarding last night's basketball game, and we are now looking further into this situation", Mathu said in a statement.

"Without these great officials, we can't have great sports right?" said Batten. 'So that is important, so we've taken some measures in our conference, specifically at our school, we do things maybe that are a little different.

McCarthy coached the Packers from 2006-18, leading the team to one Super Bowl title and nine playoff appearances.

The Pittsburgh native was known as a fiery coach on the sidelines, often berating National Football League referees for any perceived mistake.

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